Mumonji Temple and Retreat
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For many years, we have gathered together throughout Europe and the USA, wherever we could, to meet for our sesshin retreats — in the woods, in student homes, and anywhere convenient and available. Our gatherings are productive and inspiring but our students would like to find a more permanent solution for our work. We intend to create a physical temple both in the US and in Italy.

Now, having a plot of land available in California, we have plans to build a small temple we have named Mumonji. The name “Mumonji” was chosen by Reiyo Ekai’s teacher, Engaku Taino, to remind us of the presence of his previous Master Yamada Mumon, who greatly impressed our teacher, Reiyo, when he was a young man and a Student of Master Taino.

The temple will be a multi-functional (including a hon-dō, a zen-dō, a dining room, and sleeping facilities) to accommodate up to thirty students. In fact, we hold thirty as a maximum number for each sesshin so that we may train students precisely, respectfully and wholeheartly.

We envision a pleasant, comfortable cabin in the woods of El Dorado County with a wonderful garden. Future plans include another small structure with a bathroom and kitchen along with a Sanzen room.

We are raising funds to realize these plans. People who have benefitted from our Teacher and Practitioners are combining their efforts to make this happen.

Anyone can donate, and all donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how small. Know that giving (dana) to the Teacher and other fellows Practitioners is worthy and blesses our life deeply, as we are helping in the best way possible for all humankind. The Temple is, in fact, not a merely “religious place” but a “place of Transformation of human beings,” that brings them to the source of their potential, in that reality we call “being an Alive Buddha.” If you wish to donate, please email us.

Thank you.