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The Teacher

Reiyo Ekai

Leonardo Anfolsi


Reiyo Ekai - The Teacher

Born in Italy, even as young child, Leonardo enjoyed being alone and silent. He showed an uncommon understanding about death and his parents knew at an early age that his path would be different – one immersed in spirituality. Although he didn't spend his early years dreaming of becoming a monk, at just four years old, he distinctly remembers having a Kenshō experience.

He has devoted much of his life as a monk in the Rinzai Lineage of Zen Buddhism, under the guidance of Engaku Taino and Yamada Mumon Roshi since 1981, with the name “Reiyo”. He became a Teacher of Meditation in 2001 and then a Dharma Master in 2013.

He has been recognized by the Tibetan Lama XXII Gomo Tulku Sonam Rinchen as a tulku of a Tibetan Chödpa hermit and Teacher, and is an Ordained Minister in the Unione Buddhista Italiana.

What can our Teacher do for you?

Reiyo [Leonardo Anfolsi] has published many books and articles about aspects of daily spiritual life as well as about Zen and meditation. His books on Zen are now being translated to English and made available in the U.S. and throughout the world.
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He has helped a great number of people with his healing and counseling, and many have benefitted from his amazing capacity to understand people and their state of balance.

Most of all, our teacher specializes in teaching meditation to normal every-day people like you, and hopes to see development of this potential in schools. He has held conferences and roundtables, workshops and sesshin-retreats in Europe and the USA.

His approach to the Zen teaching is very direct and modern, but with the intention to create with the same strength of the practitioners and temples of olden times.