Mumonji Temple and Retreat
5090 Oak Lane | Garden Valley, CA 95633 | (530) 333-1823

A Modern Approach to Zen Meditation

You seek balance, and a coach with a sense of humor, but a no-nonsense approach to show you the most sincere and realistic path to your own enlightenment.

This is what we are. It's about you, not us.

Our teacher, Reiyo is a modern Italian monk who has taken many down the path to enlightenment. If you have with the courage that goes beyond looking for spiritual postcards, and want to stop being a tourist in your own own life, come to Mumonji Temple and seek for yourself. What you take away (and what you bring back within yourself) depends on what are willing to put into it.

Become the Practitioner That You Are

It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Islam, Jewish, Buddhist, Magic, New Age or a Scientologist. The most ancient religion of the world is the religion called Life. Here we provide methods and techniques for everybody and anybody that wants to teach themselves to ultimately realize the Religion of Life.

We do this by teaching you Zen Meditation — that basically means remaining innerly naked, exposed to life, with opened senses, discovering what is that mystery pulsing in you since a beginning-less time.

Then we dig in with Kōans and Mondò, where you learn how to think and deal with life from the point of view of this mystery that is going on in you; every moment different and wonderful.

Is it difficult to do? That depends only on you. If you commit yourself to yourself, you can reach your potential, discovering and augmenting the strength and the ability that you expect from yourself. Together we will figure out how you stand in the way of your enlightenment so that you may rid yourself of your dissatisfactions, and find the path to attain freedom, because now you know that it comes only from within Your Self.